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Spartan 300 Athletics Fundraising

The Story of the Spartan 300

Courage Integrity Commitment

The Battle of Thermopylae and the valiant struggle of Greece's Spartan 300 against the Persian Empire is one of history's most famous last stands, an enduring symbol of courage against overwhelming odds.

The Spartan warriors were so superior in valor and in the great size of their shields that they were able to repel thousands of Persian soldiers.

"Return with your shield or on it"
....was every Spartan mother's farewell to her son

Western Wildcats Spartan 300

Courage, Integrity, Commitment

The Western Nevada College Wildcats Athletics Spartan 300 is a group of individuals, businesses, and organizations who believe that the community college athletics experience is something worth fighting for.

Each member of the Spartan 300 has pledged to donate $100 per month for five years (total pledge $6,000) to ensure that Nevada male and female student-athletes continue to have the opportunity to excel on the playing field while they succeed in the classroom.

300 Spartan Shields

Each $100 monthly pledge is noted as a "shield" that helps ensure the success of Wildcats athletics. Donors can pledge as many "shields" as they wish. Only 300 shields will be sold. Monies will be used to benefit Western Nevada College baseball and softball programs.

Members of this elite group will have their names inscribed on a permanent "Shield of Honor" that will be displayed prominently at the WNC Carson City campus. There will also be a Spartan 300 web page listing the names of participants.

Become part of something great.
Become part of Wildcats Athletics.

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The Spartan 300 Warriors

  • Ernie and Bonnie Bertocchi
  • Dale and Connie Capurro
  • Sean and Nancy Davison (2 shields)
  • DejaVu Construction (Sam and Joyce Herceg)
  • Mark and Heidi Ghan
  • Glenbrook Company
  • Kathy Halbardier
  • Hampton Inn & Suites
  • Matt and Anne Hansen
  • Rebecca and Natalie Holt
  • Helaine Jesse Morres
  • Betty Kopfhammer (6 shields)
  • Steve and Michele Lewis
  • Ken and Carol Lucey (4 shields)
  • Clark A. Morres, MD
  • Dan Neverett (4 shields)
  • Mark and Dorothy Palmer
  • Jordan and Bobby Ramsdell
  • Jim Rogers (2 shields)
  • Gary and JoAnn Sheerin
  • Ann Silver
  • State Agent & Transfer, Inc.
  • State Farm (Bret and Dani Andreas)
  • Leah and Nick Wentworth
  • DJ and Alicia Whittemore
  • Scott and Kristin Whittemore
  • Roger and Victoria Williams
  • Phil and Robin Williamson

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