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Summer 2014

Western Nevada College

The Summer 2014 semester is from June 9, 2014 until August 2, 2014. View Academic Calendar for fee and payment deadlines.

Summer 2014 Fees
Summer 2014 Fees Lower Division Upper Division
Resident/Non-Resident (Summer) $87.50/unit $138.25/unit
  Summer 2014 Other Class Fees
Technology Fee $5.50/unit
Fast-Track (High School) $50.00/class

Explanation of Summer 2014 Fees

NV Resident Fees

NV Resident
The Summer 2014 semester registration fee for lower division classes is $87.50 per unit and the fee for upper division classes is $138.25 per unit (except for Community Education classes). The fee to audit a class is the same as the fee to register for credit.
Fast-Track (High School Enrollment)
Fast Track courses are open only to NV High School Students. High school students who enroll in these WNC distance education classes through the High School Early Entry Program (Fast-Track) will pay a discounted fee of $50.00 per class. Only classes designated as Fast-Track courses are eligible. See a high school counselor for details.

Non-Resident Fees

Non-Resident: Summer Session (Only)
Non-resident fees are not charged for the summer semester.
Non-Resident: Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)
Through the Western Undergraduate Exchange, selected students from eligible western states may enroll in any of WNC's programs at a reduced tuition level of 150 percent of the college's regular resident tuition. Students must request WUE status on the application for admission and apply for WUE status by submitting a WUE application to Admissions and Records prior to matriculation. WNC reserves the right to limit the number of WUE students from each state.

Other Fees

Technology Fee
The NSHE Board of Regents approved a technology fee of $5.50 per unit. The fee is used to fund technology needs in computing, information delivery systems and enables WNC to stay abreast of the latest technological developments.
Application Fee
All students who apply for admission are assessed a one-time $15.00 fee when they register. This fee is not deferrable or refundable even if the courses are full, dropped, or cancelled.
Late Payment Fee
Any student who registers and pays for a full-term class after the second week of classes must submit a Late Registration Form, with instructor permission, to the Admissions and Records office. A Late Payment Fee of $25 will be assessed. Enrollment is subject to approval by Admissions and Records. Payment for classes must be made in full prior to the time of enrollment. Late Enrollment in short-term classes is also subject to a late payment fee.
Lab Fee
A lab fee is charged for most lab courses and many other courses that require art supplies or other items.
Web Lab Fee
A $5.00 lab fee is charged for all web based courses to cover additional technology costs.
Video Lab Fee
A lab fee is charged for most interactive video distance education courses to cover technology costs.
Application for Graduation Fee
A fee is charged for applying for graduation

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