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Certification and Licensing Preparation: 2017–2018 Catalog Year

Emergency Medical Services

Certification and Licensing Preparation

Emergency Medical Services courses are offered through the Division of Nursing and Allied Health. EMS courses are offered in a sequential series to prepare individuals with the knowledge and skills to assess and care for patients in an emergency or in an out-of-hospital setting. Completion of of selected courses is designed to prepare students to take the National Registry Examination for EMT-Basic and the appropriate nevada EMS certification examination for EMT Enhanced (Intermediate).

EMS 108 and EMS 112 are designed to meet the National Standard Curriculum published by the United Stated Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

A background check may be required by some clinical sites prior to the start of clinical experiences. Information about how to meet this requirement will be explained by the course instructor. Drug screening may be required by health care organizations.

Course Requirements
Courses  Units (Credits)
EMS 100 Healthcare Provider CPR .5
EMS 113 First Responder 3
EMS 108 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic 7-8
EMS 112 EMT Enhanced (Intermediate) 4-5

Note: Allied Health courses have mandatory prerequisites. Click to view prerequisite information, required immunizations, tests, major medical insurance, and CPR certification. This information must be provided to the Nursing and Allied Health Office before permission to enroll in the course is granted.

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