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Certificate of Achievement: 2017–2018 Catalog Year

Computer Technology: System Administration Technician

Certificate of Achievement

Salary: $35,200–$57,190 / year (Nevada)

Career Outlook: Faster than average growth

Good To Know: Administrators design, install and support networks. Major employers include systems design firms, business management companies, colleges/universities, and government agencies.

Total Requirements: 33–35 Units (Credits)

Course Requirements
Program Requirements 26 Units (Credits)
CIT 161 Essentials of Information Security 3
CIT 211 Microsoft Networking I 4
CIT 212 Microsoft Networking II 4
CIT 213 Microsoft Networking III 4
CIT 214 Microsoft Networking IV 4
CIT 215 Microsoft Networking V 3-4
or CIT 165 Introduction to Convergence  
or ET 155 Home Technology Convergence  
CIT 263 Introduction to IT Project Management 3
General Education Requirements 7–9 Units (Credits)
English/Communications Requirements
Must include a writing course
Human Relations Requirement 1-3
Mathematics Requirement 3
A list of all courses filling general education requirements for the Certificate of Achievement can be found on the Certificate of Achievement page.

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