Degrees: 2017–2018 Catalog Year

Associate of Arts

A Transfer Degree

The Associate of Arts degree is for students planning to transfer with junior standing to a four-year college or university for a Bachelor of Arts degree. Satisfactory completion of an AA degree guarantees completion of the lower division general education requirements at University of Nevada, Reno; University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Nevada State College; and many other colleges and universities.

All courses to be counted toward this degree must be university transferable. Courses with a number under 100 (such as ENG 95) are not applicable toward the Associate of Arts degree.

Courses that are not transferable are indicated with a nontransferable course attribute in the myWNC course catalog.

A maximum of six units of special topics classes in one subject area may apply toward any WNC degree. See a counselor for the most current information about transferring to another institution.

Note: See a WNC counselor for the most up-to-date information regarding UNR and other university transfer requirements.

Requirements: A minimum of 60 total credits chosen from the following categories:

Program Requirements

The Associate of Arts Degree is designed so students may tailor it to meet degree requirements for a variety of majors at transfer institutions.

Liberal Arts Requirement: 6 Units (Credits)

Choose from the following. Courses used to meet general education requirements may also be used to fulfill Liberal Art requirements.

  • Any foreign language course numbered 200 or higher
  • Deaf Studies: 147, 148
  • ART, ENG, MUS, THTR numbered 200 or higher
  • CH, HIST, PHIL numbered 200 or higher
  • ANTH, CRJ, ECON, HGPS, PSC, PSY, SOC, SW numbered 200 or higher
  • Geography: 200

Transfer Requirements or General Electives: 22–27 Units (Credits)

Students should utilize this area to take courses that meet requirements for their major at their intended transfer school. Those who have not yet selected a major may choose from among any university transferable courses to explore their options. Students planning to transfer to the University of Nevada, Reno should obtain a transfer handout from WNC Counseling Services or the UNR Transfer Center.

General Education Requirements

English/Communications Requirement: 6–8 Units (Credits)

Fine Arts Requirement: 3 Units (Credits)

* Course may not meet the fine arts requirement at all universities. Please see a counselor.

Humanities Requirement: 3 Units (Credits)

UNR transfer students, choose at least one of the following courses: CH201, CH202, HIST105, HIST106, PHIL200, PHIL207

Mathematics Requirement: 3 Units (Credits)

Science Requirement: 6 Units (Credits)

* Completion of CHEM 121 or BIOL 190 and 190L, BIOL 223 and BIOL 224, and BIOL251 fulfills the science general education requirement.

Social Sciences Requirement: 3 Units (Credits)

U.S. and Nevada Constitution Requirements: 3 or 6 Units (Credits)

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